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SATTECH has always adopted a number with its employees' trust. Our first priority is to respond to the expectations of our customers with quality and stability. It is our duty to be with our customers not only in the sales phase but also in the after sales.

The expectation of SATTECH from its employees is to adopt this goal as its own existence and to put new stones on the success of the years. Employees must be aware of and act in this direction because they will represent Sattech in any environment. For this purpose, our company offers the best opportunities for all employees.

Work life

Gives Self-Confidence to Employees

Working at SATTECH firstly gives us a chance to work in the leading technology company of the sector. Thanks to the self-esteem it brings to its employees, the relationships of our customers with our customers reach the highest level. Our company; is a large and harmonious family with employees, suppliers and customers.

Provides international experience

SATTECH exports approximately 20 countries, mainly to Europe, Middle East and African countries. In this way, international experiences are provided to employees.

Experience in a Wide AreaSince SATTECH is the leading technology brand in its sector, it works with the biggest companies of the sub sectors. In this way, employees work with a wide customer portfolio and connect with the entire economy. This broadens the vision of employees.


SATTECH attaches importance to increasing the knowledge of its employees. A continuous training process is provided through in-house and educational institutions. Throughout their career, employees receive many trainings on both their work and their personal development. Sattech employees are offered the opportunity to participate in domestic and international fairs.