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Deha is a registered trademark of Deha Information Technologies Group. Capital, project drawing, R & D, technical services and brand value as a whole has a full range of products. Caravan site, trucks, trains, buses, minibuses, boats, yachts and boats for the mobile satellite antenna systems in Turkey and solutions to many institutions and organizations in the world and has submitted applications. Sattech mobile satellite antennas are self-updating technology, quality equipment and components. In this way, it has become the best choice for every process. We have sales points and technical services in many countries and we strive to increase our sales points and services. Sattech employees' dedicated efforts and talents are the cornerstone of our success in the services we offer you. As a result of our rigorous and consistent work, we have gained love, praise and trust throughout the world with our products quality, delivery times and after-sales services. Sattech Brand is synonymous with superior quality, competitive price and delivery from stock. We are committed to work not only to meet the expectations of our customers, but also to exceed the requirements of the market.

Vision and Mission
Our vision

“Da Sattech is a leader in the national market for mobile satellite antenna technologies with our strong production and technical infrastructure; To be accessible in all of Europe, Asia and Africa continents, to be an international company. ”

Our mission

“Ona Innovative and pioneer in technology, products that are easy to use and suitable for customer needs and expectations; to provide added value to our country's economy with our activities in the international market.”
Our values
  • Quality Products and Services,
  • Innovation,
  • Loyalty to our Commitments,
  • Importance to Human and Labor,
  • Care for spiritual and moral values,
  • Respect for Nature,
  • Not to lie, do not act / do not work, and not work with such persons / institutions,
  • Legitimacy Against Persons and Institutions,
  • Don't be fooled for benefit in shopping, principled posture,
  • Excitement and Speed ​​in Decision / Action,
  • Professional Approach Without Losing Amateur Spirit,
  • Observing Social, Religious, Family and Commercial Balances,
  • Transferring 10% of Corporate Profit to Religious and National Projects
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