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Technical Service

In our technical service, for every model sattech satellite antenna within the warranty period and after the warranty; repair, maintenance, service and upgrade services are provided.


ADMISSION & SERVICE FORM: Every product left to our service is recorded in our technical service software. And a record registration form related to this registration is delivered to the customer. During the malfunction, the information about the product and the general physical condition of the device, the accessories received and the warranty status of the device, the fault acceptance specification and the information required for the monitoring of the device are available on this form. With the help of serial number and form number on the form, you can query the status of the devices by calling our technical service.

DETERMINATION:After the failure acceptance process, our technicians in the field and in the field take care of the products in order of date and carry out the fixing and repair procedures of the device. After the fixation process, if no pre-repair approval has been obtained, the repair cost is determined and notified to our customers. Diagnostics of the devices is made by professional software and hardware.

APPROVAL: Repair costs of non-warranty products are reported to customers in writing, orally. With the approval of the customer, devices are repaired for a fee

CONCLUSIONS: In the devices that do not charge the fee, the cost of 100TLKDV INCLUDED is taken as the cost of the fixing, the time the technician has spent on the fault detection and the material used in the detection and the test tools.

CANCELLATION: After the repair of the devices are completed, the transactions, technician notes, the materials used in the device are recorded in our technical service system and written and oral information is given to our customers about the devices that are ready. The customer copy of the failure acceptance form is delivered to the customer during the delivery of the device.

It is accepted that the user has received the backup of the information sent to our Technical Services. There is a risk that information may be lost during information recovery or backup operations, even during repair or for a fee. Our service is not responsible for the loss of this information.